The PAN-AFRICAN project, intends to contribute a steady volume with the Neutrino algorithmic (DeFo) assets on the as a step to our pre-launch of EQUIVN Tokens.

🔹 The Neutrino Naira (NGNN)  and Neutrino Dollar (USDN) Protocol are sets of collateralized cryptocurrency with WAVES and issued by the Neutrino Protocol on WAVES.EXCHANGE

The NGNN/USDN-POOL is a staking pool owned and operated by the EQUIVN ENTERPRISE. The Pool pays weekly interest to her interested community members from DeFo (NGNN & USDN) staking.

🔹 YES, just as Neutrino Naira & Dollar is backed with WAVES, and locked in SMART CONTRACT during Staking.

🔹EQUIVN (ENGN) is a revolving, stable-asset of EQUIVN ENTERPRISE, backed with NAIRA and redeemable to Bank. 1 ENGN 👉 1 NGN


The NGNN/USDN-POOL Pool is poised to launch a staking pool on Neutrino Naira (NGNN) & Dollar (USDN) to the tune of 2,000,000 NGNN (minimum) with community consensus.

80% APY earning is distributed weekly to all participants

From this wallet, NGNN & USDN from the pool are staked (i.e. locked in Smart Contract) and can be mornitored on explorer.


The Enterprise can be trusted as We’re in the process of incorporating our Company at the Corporate Affairs Commission. Also, Our project can be reported to the Waves Team for spamming, if  we fail to abide to the token issuance rules.

A participating User is required to buy & hold a minimum 10,000 EQUIVN (ENGN) or more on USDN or NGNN market-pair on WAVES.EXCHANGE

The User is required to submit participation form with proof.
Every 10,000 EQUIVN (ENGN) bought, qualifies the participant for 3,600 EQUIVN (ENGN) Airdrop after pool sales. Only 2 Million EQUIVN (ENGN) will be release in this batch at 1 NGN 20 KOBO

ONLY available for 200 participants or Less (i.e limited EQUIVN will be made available).
Only 2 Million EQUIVN (ENGN) will be release in this batch.

All funds raised will be use to acquire a minimum of 1 Million Naira worth of USDN and a minimum of 1 Million NGNN. Thereafter, USDN & NGNN will be staked (locked) in the Neutrino Protocol Smart Contract for 6 Months.​

80% of USDN, NGNN APY earnings will be distributed on weekly basis to all participants (Note: HOLDING EQUIVN IS MANDATORY)​

Withdrawal of EQUIVN to fiat will be enabled after public launch in Q1, 2021 at 1:1​

EQUIVN ENTERPRISE is set for official public launch in Q1, 2021. We are in the process of incorporation and reserve funding. Every EQUIVN (ENGN) is backed at 1 Nigerian Naira (NGN) forever.

DeFo staking not activated yet…