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The purpose of this privacy and data protection policy is to provide you with information concerning our services, the types of personal data we are provided or obtain ourselves through visits to or use of our Website, how we use that information, whether we disclose the information provided to us to others and the options you have with regard to the use of and correction of that information.

EQUIVN PAYMENTS LIMITED (EPL) provides its partners and suppliers with a variety of fulfillment, support and E-commerce related services. Some of these services may be provided through sites bearing our partners and suppliers names and trademarks. EQUIVN PAYMENTS LIMITED (EPL), its subsidiaries, marketing partners and affiliated companies with respect to the privacy of our partners and suppliers of products or services, clients and their customers.

This privacy and data protection policy does not apply to websites or services that is not own or control by EQUIVN PAYMENTS LIMITED including websites or services of other EPL users

Our goal in handling personal data provided to us in connection with the processing of transactions on our Website is to comply with applicable data privacy and protection laws and to offer users of our website notices, choice, consent, security, data integrity, access and enforcement with regard to personal data provided to us by individuals in conjunction with those transactions.


Thank you for visiting and choosing EQUIVN PAYMENTS LIMITED. The following terms and conditions of service (these “Terms of Service”) apply to users of the Site. You should read these Terms of Service carefully to determine which provisions apply to you.

These Terms of Service should be read in conjunction with the Privacy Policy and the legal compliance. By using any of the services, functions, or features offered from time to time on the Site (collectively or individually, the “Services”), the user (referred to herein as “you” or “your”) agrees to these Terms of Service (each of you and one of the following entities named in (a) or (b) being a “Party” and collectively, the “Parties”).

These Terms of Service constitute the entire agreement and understanding with respect to the use of any or all of the Services, and any manner of accessing them via the Site, between you and EQUIVN PAYMENTS LIMITED, and Also, if you meet one or more of the following criterias:

#1.     You are a either a Nigerian, an African Citizen (with Pan Bank reach) or Non-African with global bank reach. If  your account is regarded to have fallen into the first 2 classes above; either as a Nigerian or an African with Pan-Bank reach.

#2.    You agree that you can only make withdrawal from the reserve only after you have a verified status (or waves address) with EQUIVN PAYMENTS LIMITED (EPL).
You agree that at every transaction, you pay a 1.25% fee for deposits and 2.5% fee for withdrawals on your tokens along in your transaction.

#3.    You agree that you have no right to make a withdrawal claim until you have AV (Account Verification) and KYC (Know Your Customer) processed as a registered users. And a non-refundable fee of 14,500 NGN or 14,500 ENGN applies.
Note: 4,500 ENGN is returned to a user after  a successful verification.

#4.    You also agreed that tentatively the minimum withdraw-able quantity of token to fiat Naira (NGN) is fixed at 5000 ENGN and the maximum is 200,000 ENGN per day.

#5.    You agrees that you will not use your mobile or web account for any form of money laundering activities (like making unreasonable huge amount of deposits that promote suspicion to EQUIVN PMTS LTD accounts. Else, we are at liberty to report any of such activity in other to avoid subpoena by the regulative agencies.

#6.    You agree that price arbitration (variation in the value of EquivN tokens) exist in the open market. And it not subject to the Coy prowess and its only at reserve conversion that the EQUIVN [ENGN] is stable to fiat issue. That is 1 ENGN = 1 NGN

If you agree to all terms of services as mention above from paragraph #1- #6, then proceed to apply as a customer of the EQUIVN PAYMENTS LIMITED (EPL). But, if other wise; Please, refrain from using EPL RESERVE SERVICES


EQUIVN PAYMENTS LIMITED (EPL) is an exchange service provider, a limited company that is set to be incorporated pursuant to the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) act of Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA), 2016. EQUIVN (ENGN) is a product asset, absolutely owned by the EQUIVN PAYMENTS LIMITED (EPL).

EQUIVN PAYMENTS LIMITED (EPL) is registered company as an exchange service provider with the CAC, which is licensed at the release of this paper with RC-XXXXXX. It was upon this registration with the CAC, that we have filed for the requisite licenses and with other regulatory agencies (Banks) to fulfil the CBN requisite ordinance for AML/CFT controls that enable EQUIVN PAYMENTS LIMITED to comply with customer identification, verification and transactional monitoring requirements. We also stand to fight against money laundering in our operations in line with AML/CFT (Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism) of the CBN with strict compliance.

EQUIVN PAYMENTS LIMITED, is taking these measures as undertaking to ensure customer due diligence, record ­keeping, and reporting procedures consistent with Nigerian law and with the Antimony Ordinances. EQUIVN PAYMENTS LIMITED shall operate bank accounts, as reserve with 4 major banks in Nigeria (UBA, Access, Eco-bank, and GTB) and we are confident that our business model is acceptable.

We shall ensure to satisfy all regulative by laws and also certify that our business module of operation is in accordance with the regulative banking regulations.

On our part, we do require that all of our banks third parties have also requested to check this with their own legal counsels, with compliance and head office before opening accounts. It was our goal from the beginning to have a compliant operation and to provide the maximum level of comfort to our banking partners and customers.